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About Canfirearm (Military Firearms & Sporting Goods Outlet)

Canfirearm (Military Firearms & sports equipment Outlet) offers the foremost relevant products from leading manufacturers within the global market. The specialization of our outlet is the sale of firearms, sporting goods, pneumatic weapons, bows, crossbows and knives. Additionally, you’ll find and buy any kind of accessories in our store. We invite everyone curious about weapons to visit our outlet online or in person. Stopover our local store in 225 Industrial Parkway South #21. Aurora, Ontario. L4G 3V5

A wide range of products includes new and surplus handguns, rifles, shotguns and ammunition, popular models of pneumatic pistols and rifles, smoothbore weapons, various self-defence equipment, sporting and signal pistols.

Sports weapons and related accessories

Uninterruptedly, ammunition and pneumatic cartridges, cylinders and gas for refueling sports weapons continue sale. Furthermore, the range of related accessories is often updated: combat camouflage, headphones, targets, shooting goggles, stops, clips, optical sights, weapons care products, etc.

Military accessories

Today, almost any military paraphernalia can be purchased from us. Therefore we offer outerwear, shoes, hats, T-shirts, duffel bags, tablets, bowlers and other military accessories.

Find everything that the market has got to offer on Canfirearm

A worthy choice of crossbows and bows, sights and arrows, targets and shields, quivers and covers for archer-athletes and amateurs, for active adults and youngsters is one more reason for our pride. Above all, we constantly monitor the prevailing weapons market, therefore the range of products within the store is often increasing.

Since establishing, our company successfully sells weapons and sports equipment on the market. We’ve already managed to  gain the confidence of the customer by careful attention to his interests and wishes. Someone just wants to find out the way to properly handle weapons, going to the range and have fun. For some, for personal peace of mind, it seems necessary to find out a weapon of self-defence. Similarly, somebody else does not represent a more interesting vacation than a true hunt or target shooting.

Within the Canfirearm (Military Firearms & Sporting Goods Outlet), everyone will find what he needs today.

Thank you very much to our loyal customers.

Sincerely yours,