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How to legally buy a gun online or in person in Canada?

legally buy a gun in Canada

So you would like to get a gun and go shooting at the range, or maybe you would like to travel hunting or get into competition shooting. It can be tricky to navigate what’s legally required of you to own a gun in Canada.

This article is meant to inform you in only 3 minutes what you would like to understand about Canadian firearms laws to get started towards buying a firearm in Canada.

The good news is that legally buying firearms in Canada isn’t complicated, or expensive. Around 2 Million Canadians have already got firearms licenses. That’s about 1 in 15 adults.

How to legally buy a gun in Canada?

First thing’s first, you need to have a firearms licence. There are many terms people use for this, but the right name is a Possession and Acquisition Licence, or PAL. (previously referred to as a POL or FAC, more on these terms here).

In order to get your licence to shop for a gun, you need to get proper training. In Canada, you are required to take a firearms training course called the Canadian Firearms Safety Course (CFSC) by the RCMP and Canadian Firearms Program (CFP).

Québec Residents: Your government has some additional requirements for you that are not described here. You should read the information in this article now, and then also the Quebec Page to find the additional information.

This course will teach you the various sorts of firearms, firearm actions, the way to use the firearm, the way to identify the right ammunition which will be used thereupon particular firearm, what ammunition types are available and what uses they’re commonly for. You will learn the laws and regulations around firearms, your firearms licence, what’s required of you as a responsible and legal firearms owner, and what conditions you have to follow when you purchase, possess, transport, store, or display your firearms. Furthermore, you may get the prospect to practice with deactivated firearms, supplying you with the chance to ascertain the firearm actions in use and be ready to load, and unload them in a safe manner.

Depending on the firearm you would like to get, you’ll just need the CFSC, otherwise, you might need to take the Canadian Restricted Firearms Safety Course (CRFSC) also if you would like to shop for a handgun (the CFSC is for long guns like rifles and shotguns).

What about handguns?

Yes, handguns are legal in Canada. If you would like to have a handgun, (or other “restricted” firearms like AR-15 rifles) in Canada you’ll have to take some additional steps. After you have finish reading this article, click “Handguns” to find out more.

What’s the safety course like?

The course is fun and straightforward and is intended to be sufficient safety instruction for people who don’t have any prior experience with firearms.

Most people simply take a one day class (usually a Saturday), that includes watching a video, paying attention to an instructor, and going over a book. You know, typical classroom kind of stuff. It’s pretty low key, and most of the people have plenty of fun.

The course comes with an excellent book. It’s a simple read, with many pictures and diagrams to assist you learn the main points and the details.

Ultimately, you’re required to finish a written examination that incorporates true and false and multiple choice questions. you’ll be required to get 80% or higher to pass that written component and advance to the subsequent phase of your examination. Pending a successful written exam, you’ll then show your instructor the way to identify the firearms, ammunition, load and unload the firearm, all while doing so in a safe manner. this is often the sensible examination and it also requires that you simply pass with a minimum of 80%.

Is the test hard?

No, it’s not. The test at the end of the course is based only on what is covered in the course. Don’t be concerned, it’s actually pretty easy. You’ll have to answer a couple of questions and demonstrate some knowledge of what was covered. The majority of individuals pass. Don’t let the word “test” cause you to be nervous.

So you’ve gotten your firearms training, passed examinations, what’s next? Well, you’ll be required to use with the RCMP for your PAL together with your personal information and include proof of your training (these are provided in sort of course reports). Additionally, you’ll be required to provide information about your current or past conjugal partner (if any) for the past 2 years, 2 references, a photograph graph alongside a photo guarantor and your application fees.

Once your PAL application has been submitted, this process can take between 3-6 months before being approved. If approved, then you’ll receive your firearms licence within the mail and you’ll now leave and legally buy a gun.

How Much Does a Canadian Firearms License Cost?

It’s really not that expensive. It only works out to a couple of bucks a month if you look at it in terms of the value over time. It could even save you money! If you take up hunting, it is often a superb source of surprisingly large quantities of inexpensive, and really top quality meats.

Here may be a rough guide to the prices. Anyway, prices may vary from province to province.

Estimated PAL Costs

Expense Low End High End
One day CFSC class $50 $225
Optional CRFSC class for restricted firearms $0 $225
Photo $0 $20
Licence application fee $60 $80
Postage $0.85 $0.85
Total $110.85 $550.85

Approximately every five years you will need to renew your license. There’s a fee to renew, however, it’s going to, or might not be waived for a few renewals.

To recap, here are the 5 simple steps required to get a firearm.

  1. Take the CFSC training
  2. Pass examinations
  3. Apply for your PAL
  4. Get your PAL in the mail
  5. Go buy a gun

Where to legally buy a gun in Canada?

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