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The Best New Handguns 2021

best new handguns 2021

New handguns are in high demand, and gunmakers are scrambling to provide them. Here’s what they’re bringing out this year. We’ve compiled a list of the best new handguns 2021 debuts. Without further due, let’s dive in.

B&T USA Station SIX Handgun

The B&T USA’s Station SIX series handguns get our choice for the most out-of-the-box, yet historically fascinating handgun release so far this year. B&T USA’s current take on the renowned World War II-era Welrod pistol and succeeding VP9 contract handguns is the Station SIX. The original Welrod pistol was designed as a clandestine wet work tool for British Special Operations Executive (SOE) and US Office of Strategic Services (OSS) operatives working behind enemy lines. Long after the war ended and other conflicts arose, B&T’s modern VP9 continued the trend. This improved, integrally suppressed handgun has a new grip and updated magazines, but it still has the same inconspicuous appearance, whisper-quiet sound signature, and rotating bolt operation as the original. The Station SIX comes in 9mm and.45 Auto calibres.

CZ P-10S in FDE and OD

When the striker-fired CZ P-10C first appeared on the market several years ago, it was an instant success. CZ purists even accepted the polymer-framed striker pistol, which says a lot given how vocal they are. Since its release, the P-10 range has grown to both the full and the long slide variants from a do-it-all mid-size C model. For 2021, CZ goes the other way and releases a subsystem called the P-10S. The S not only receives a deep optical cutting and modular plate mounting system that is compatible with your favourite mini Red dot views but also the frame and slide cut to a noisy cricket size.

Small, concealable, red dot capable pistol with an excellent trigger? Please accept my thanks. But that’s not all; the P-10S has a new paint job as well. If black isn’t your thing, Flat Dark Earth and Olive Drab have been added to the palette. Check out the availability here.

Glock 43X MOS

Following the release of the Gen 5 model, Glock is steadily bringing its legacy line up to the new standard. The G22 is the most recent model to be upgraded, and it even receives a MOS reduction for 2021. Compact single-stack pistols have skyrocketed in popularity over the last few years, and Glock is certainly helping to fuel that trend. With the demand and functionality of miniature red-dot sights on everything nowadays, it’s only natural that the 43X would get the MOS treatment. If you’re looking for a pocket pistol that bridges the capability gap between a traditional pistol and a carbine, the 43X MOS with aftermarket 15-round Shield magazines might be just what you’re looking for. In fact, that combination might become my fly-fishing pistol in the lower 48; it’s resistant to the elements, lightweight, concealable, and highly functional. Check out the availability here.

KelTec P50

KelTec is known for its unconventional designs and pushing the limits of magazine capacity, and the all-new P50 did not disappoint. They describe it as one-of-a-kind, adaptable, and retro. It looks like a cross between a space gun and a bullet hose to me. In any case, the pistol fires high-velocity, low-recoil 5.7x28mm ammunition from a 50-round magazine. Yes, you read that correctly: a 50-rounder. It also comes with two of them. I’m sure it’s a lot of fun to shoot at the range or as a high-capacity companion as you traverse prairie dog country.

FN 509 LS Edge Tactical

FN has been in the pistol game for a while now, and the 509 series pistols have proven to be a success. The 509 was designed for the United States Army’s modular handgun system and has the DNA to compete at a high level in today’s crowded field. This pistol incorporates FN’s Low Profile Optics Mounting System, which is a plate adapter design that allows for the direct mounting of more than ten optics, all of which will co-witness with FN’s suppressor height sights, including Leupold’s Delta Point Pro. It is not a stretch to say that FN’s optic system is most likely the best plate system in the industry.

The 509 LS Edge Tactical is a factory hot rod competition pistol with a 5-inch target crowned, cold hammer-forged barrel, a lightweight flat-faced competition trigger, slide lightning cuts, oversized controls, and a significantly flared magazine well that can accommodate up to a 24-round magazine. The 509 LS Edge Tactical is your huckleberry if you’re looking for a turnkey comp or a nightstand gun to be reckoned with. Check out the availability here.

Ruger American Competition

Ruger is also experimenting with a factory competition pistol, the American Competition. This variant, based on the popular American pistol, has a 5-inch stainless steel competition barrel with a slow 1:16-inch twist for improved accuracy with lighter match projectiles. The slide has eight ports cut into the forward portion. The back is drilled and tapped for direct mounting of several miniature red dot sights that share the Doctor Optic footprint. Vortex’s Venom, Burris FastFire, and several other low-cost brands are among them. Everything else is authentically American, which is a good thing. If you want to compete in USPSA, IPSC, or IDPA matches but don’t want to spend a fortune, the American Competition pistol might be the way to go.

SAR9 Optics Ready

The Sarsilmaz SAR9-series of pistols was one of the best-kept secrets in value-priced handguns a few years ago. However, word quickly spread, leading to its rise in mainstream popularity. The SAR9 provides flattering performance to its users. This makes it a popular choice for many to bring to the range with friends. It’s just so simple to shoot well. A smooth, lightweight trigger pull with a clean break, an ergonomic grip, and a low bore axis should all be credited. The same great pistol returns in 2021, but with an optic cut. The SAR9 Optics Ready pistol has just made shooting easier in all conditions. It deserves serious consideration if you’re a new or veteran gun owner in the market. Check out the availability here.

SIG Sauer X-Carry Legion

SIG has unapologetically capitalized on the fact that their handgun development is derived from competition. It is quite forthright in stating that the X-Series are the result of lessons learned in that field. The new X-Carry Legion includes a slew of factory mods. Competitors have been adding it to their P320′s since the platform debuted in 2014, but in a smaller package. Because there is only so much that can be done to add weight to polymer-framed pistols, SIG engineers began thinking outside the box and developed a grip module made of tungsten-infused polymer that has the weight of steel but the flex of polymer.

A new lightened and skeletonized flat trigger is geometrically improved. The pull is as light as you’ll find in a factory striker-fired pistol. It also comes to a halt at 90 degrees. This equates to almost no over-travel, which reduces the possibility of your trigger press interfering with your point of aim as you pull through the trigger stroke. In other words, the X-Carry Legion is ridiculously simple to shoot well.

Springfield Armory Ronin 10mm

Springfield Armory appears to be on a 10mm tear, hitting home runs with each new release. The new Ronin 10mm is sure to be another hit. If you’re looking for a backcountry-ready 10mm 1911 that won’t break the bank, the Ronin is the gun for you. For extreme weather resistance and longevity in the field, this powerhouse features a robust forged stainless steel frame. The frame is mated to a forged carbon steel slide. The 5-inch barrel has been hammer-forged for long-term strength, durability, and spicy loads. A single stack magazine holds 8+1 rounds of 10mm ammunition. At 40 ounces unloaded, the Ronin is a heavyweight. However, it’s been designed to last a lifetime of launching full-power loads at dangerous targets with minimal muzzle rise. During fast-paced, multi-shot strings, this allows your sights to get on target and stay on target. Check out the availability here.