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Top 5 Best 9mm Suppressors of 2020

top 5 9mm suppressors 2020

Today we are going to review suppressors, specifically, suppressors for the world’s most used centerfire handgun cartridge, the 9mm. 

The 9mm is a really old round, and for that reason, it comes in many choices, including options for subsonic rounds as well. It’s a cartridge used in firearms of nearly any size, starting from small handguns like pistols up to rifle size guns. 

You don’t like to bother other people near you at the gun range when using your 9mm pistol, do you? That’s a place where a suppressor can be used and the ears of the people around you won’t be ringing after every shot. 

A 9mm suppressor doesn’t reduce only the noise produced by the pistol. It also reduces the recoil on the gun, so your shots will be more accurate. You’ll have a better time on the gun range thanks to the newfound control you’ll have.

You would like to take into consideration some important facets when you are looking to buy an accessory that’s possibly as expensive if not even more than your pistol. Among these are:

  • Size: Do you want something short and fine or a full-sized unit that fits the bill?
  • Weight: Will it affect the balance of your gun?
  • Sound Suppression: How much do you need to achieve your goals?
  • Flexibility: Is the suppressor only for one caliber or will it serve for other guns as well?
  • Cost: How much should you spend?

We have put together some of the best 9mm suppressors models of 2020. You can use each of these for the many needs a  shooter has.

Best 9mm Suppressors For Pistols 

Handguns are extremely loud, and the addition of a suppressor will reduce the noise produced by the gun, it also makes these firearms safer and easy to shoot in a lot of ways.

One major factor to keep in consideration on the choice of the suppressor you want to buy is the type of ammo you will use to shoot through it. The suppressor muffles the sound coming out of the gun but it will not reduce the sound of the projectile cracking through the air when it travels at the sound speed. So buying the right ammo combined with the suppressor you choose will make it more effective in reducing the sound of your gun.

Day by day we are seeing that suppressors are becoming more and more popular. It has become simpler to fit one nearly on any type of gun used these days. 

SilencerCo Omega 9K

What would you say if I wrote a list about the most important semi-auto 5.56 rifles and left the AR-15 off the list?

It’s the same if I write a list about the best suppressors and I leave the SilencerCo Omega 9K off. The SilencerCo brand itself has mostly done more for this industry than any other brand out there. 

The Omega 9K are a number of the smallest and lightest suppressors on the market. It has a high-quality design made from stellite and stainless steel. 

As a totally welded design, the suppressor is a bit stronger, and things are less likely to shift or move resulting in baffle strikes. The Omega 9K is a madly overbuilt suppressor so you can run it hot and fast without concern. 

This suppressor has a somehow short design and is 4.7 inches long. The K takes the quality German designation for short and proves that it’s effective. The firearm usually reduces 9mm from 160 DB to about 131.5 DB on average depending on the type of ammo you are shooting. This number goes down, even more, when it is combined with subsonic rounds. 

But the Omega 9K is one of the most powerful suppressors on the market, particularly when you look just at how short the overall length of it is. Also at only 8.8 ounces with the direct thread mount, this small can won’t weigh your arm down really much while you are holding the gun to aim. 

Its small size and lightweight put it on the pistol list, but it might be fine on a PCC or SMG type as well. In fact, it might assist you to keep the general package quite compact for PCC SBR or braced ‘pistols.’ 

Gemtech GM-9

This Gemtech suppressor comes with a tube that can be removed if you want to do an added cleaning. This part makes that suppressor more interesting than others. The tube helps the suppressor not to keep residue over time.

The weight of this suppressor is about five ounces and it has an aluminum body. A black matte at the finish of the suppressor’s surface gives it a perfect look. The design offers a fine body all the way through. 


  • It is very practical to take apart for cleaning and putting it together
  • Doesn’t need a mount
  • Function with 9mm and full auto ammunition  plus 300 BLK subsonic munition 


  • The parts need to be aligned the right way to use
  • May does not function well with supersonic ammo

SIG Sauer SRD9

Move over King Midas! It’s the Sig Sauer that presides — at least when it comes to guns and gun accessories. The SRD9 is the best example that proves this.

The user-serviceable 9mm suppressor is a perfect top-shelf choice. Made with quality material, the suppressor isn’t only lightweight (9 ounces), it’s effective. Run dry, the SRD9 knocks a 9mm’s report down to about 128dB. Full-auto rated, the suppressor also is compatible with the foremost popular pistol calibers: 9mm, .40 S&W, and .45 ACP. It has the ability to mount across the board due to it comes with both a 1/2×28 and an m13.5x1LH pistons. Well, the fact it is compatible with other pistol calibers beside 9mm makes it a piece of equipment that you need to have in your collection.

Centurion 9

Looking for 9mm suppressors on a budget? Then the freedom Cans Centurion 9 is your baby. The Centurion 9 and its MSRP of $525 is a great deal for new suppressor enthusiasts trying to find a good centerfire can. There are inexpensive cans, but the Centurion 9 has a ratio of cost to features that make it stand out. 

Specs-wise it’s short and lightweight and is 5.3 inches long and only 7.9 ounces. It’s decently compact and light. The ½ x 28 booster makes the total length of the suppressor a 6.5-inch total and a 12.5-ounce of weight.

The suppressor reduces the DB rating down to a standard of 136 DBs. The Centurion 9 is a take-apart suppressor that has a very easy to remove core for simple cleaning. This makes it perfect if you want to run the can on firearms, especially the filthy .22 LR.

SilencerCo Maxim 9

The last of the most effective 9mm suppressors you can use is this SilencerCo model. This model comes with a 17-round cartridge for a 9mm Luger.

The suppressor helps really much for aiming because it uses a two-dot fixed rear. It also helps with faster gun loading.

The polymer design on the stock allows the suppressor to stay uninjured without adding much weight to the firearm. This might especially work with an extended configuration to produce a great shot with a controlled noise.


  • Useful for all shooters(right or left)
  • Works very well with every ammo(sub or super)


  • Does not speed up the firing process

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