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Top 5 Best Guns for Left-Handed Shooters

Top 5 Best Guns for Left Handed Shooters CANFIREARM

Top 5 Best Guns for Left-Handed Shooters

Lefties compose 12% of the population and it looks like the entire gun world is against them. Most types of equipment are designed for the right-handed majority, including scissors, can openers, own mitts, and firearms but in this article, you will find the top 5 best guns for left-handed shooters that ought to get on your radar.

Left-handed shooters have their own specific set of struggles. employing a standard rifle or handgun isn’t only extremely frustrating, it can leave you with a face filled with hot brass.

Trying to seek out left-handed pistols is often a true pain. In the old days, the choice that you had was to shop for a revolver, because there was just one button to stress about and operation was almost equivalent in either hand.

Today, there is a lot more in terms of choice.

Today’s left-handed shooter will find a few precious pistols explicitly made for them. However, you can find an honest number of guns with ambidextrous controls that make left-handed operation easy.

Best Guns for Left Handed Shooters CANFIREARM

Common Left-Handed Shooting Problem

Most firearms are designed for right-handed shooters and may be pretty difficult for lefty shooters to use.

While this looks like it should be fairly public knowledge, there are a surprising number of righties who just don’t catch on.

The most evident problem (at least to the lefties) is that the controls are absolutely located for right-handed shooters. Engineered for the bulk of shooters (who happen to be right-handed), standard weapon controls are positioned so a right-handed shooter can easily click security, release a magazine, or cycle a bolt.

Let’s take a glance at the best guns for left-handed shooters.

1. Glock G19 G5

Nearly any Glock can be easily used with either hand. Because it has no manual safety, it’s just a problem of getting used to triggering the slide release and magazine release with either hand.

Glock G19 G5 Best Guns for Left Handed Shooters CANFIREARM

The first thing you get to note is the absence of finger groves usually found on the grip. Well, unsure how that creates the model better, but it’s something you’ll notice easily. The other change is the flared mag and an outsized front cutout. The aim of doing this was to assist with faster loading and reloading when the necessity arises.

The magazine has also changed too. It’d look interchangeable with the previous generations, but this one has an orange follower. You ought to find this a notable difference in comparison to the previous models.

The other feature that proves this model good for left-handed shooters is that ambidextrous slide stop. You can buy this fire gun in our shop, check out by clicking here.

2. Beretta APX Centurion

Beretta APX 9x19mm Pistol Best Guns for Left Handed Shooters CANFIREARM

The Beretta APX Centurion is a compact striker-fired pistol from the APX platform. The APX, as many are aware, was Beretta’s bid for subsequent service pistol for the US military, but lost ahead of the Sig P320 platform. However, the APX is one of the simplest handguns that folks ignore, but they shouldn’t.

The APX is considered a born shooter, with great ergonomics, swappable backstraps, and a natural high, tight grip. You will need to swap the magazine release, but the ambi slide release makes it a solid choice for a left-handed pistol. It also has one of the best strikers triggers out there, and combined with the superior overall feel and build quality, it is not one to miss.

You can buy this fire gun in our shop, check out by clicking here.

3. Walther PPQ

Walther PPQ Best Guns for Left Handed Shooters CANFIREARM

Most people say the Walther PPQ is the champion of the poly-striker pistols. Few other pistols on the market are the same as it for ergonomics, for the unbelievably good trigger, and for how well it shoots. It also has ambidextrous features.

There is a left-side slide release, and therefore the magazine release button is often switched to the left side for true left-handed operation.

One of the best pistols overall is additionally among the simplest left-handed handguns also.

You can buy this fire gun in our shop, check out by clicking here.

4. Springfield Armory AD Compact

The maintenance of any handgun is important to its performance. The great news is that this model is here to assist you thereupon. The primary thing you’ll note is that the simple breakdown. You’ll easily break it right down to several components in order that cleaning is straightforward and faster.

The best part about maintenance is that you simply don’t need to roll in the hay more often. You’ll wait after you’ve got fired a couple of hundred rounds before the upkeep part can inherit mind.

Springfield Armory AD Compact CANFIREARM

Like any other handgun, you’d want to understand more about its reliability. This gun goes to offer you the simplest reliability ever. You’ll not need to worry about the gun failing on you when it’s needed. The engineers who worked on the handgun had to form sure it’s good for several applications. It’s the rationale you discover it quite popular today among several users.

It has an honest design that creates it easy to draw the handgun all the time. Fast drawing is usually important to any gun owner.

As for the security, this model comes with a trigger safety and also an indoor striker safety. To form it even safer, you get a backstrap safety. This suggests that you simply need to be gripping the handgun before it can fire.

5. CZ P-07

The 9mm SA/DA CZ P-07 makes it’s way to this list because the security configuration is often easily converted to decocking and the other way around, while the controls stay completely ambidextrous.


The CZ P-07 has CZ’s specific Omega trigger scheme which allows the shooter to use a decocking lever or install a manual safety. This feature gives you the choice to hold the weapon with the hammer down for a double-action first shot. However, you’ll also carry it “cocked and locked” sort of a traditional 1911.

This is a sweet alternative because 1911s are cool. They don’t create them only for left-handed shooters (which proves that lefties are oppressed and downtrodden).

Although the CZ P-07 might not be the “best” handgun for lefties. If you favour a hammer-fired pistol over a polymer-framed striker one, this is often one among the few options that won’t leave the southpaws completely flustered.