Why buy a Baikal?

This Russian manufacturer mainly produces superimposed and juxtaposed hunting rifles for beginners. Inexpensive and of excellent quality, Baikal rifles are robust hunting companions. The wood finish remains quite honourable for such a coffee price. Therefore the range of semi-automatic rifles in synthetic finish offers hunters an opportunity to use good equipment for a little investment.

They’re not beautiful but Baikal guns achieve two things that shooters are trying to find. They’re inexpensive and reliable. Read our Baikal reviews here.

Top reasons for buying it:

If you’re on a modest budget then this may be a good first buy.
A new over-and-under would be about £617.

They are made within the Western Urals. So now you recognize.
They probably aren’t created from melted-down battle tanks
However, they’re built sort of a T34 tank
In addition, the stocks probably aren’t created from recycled Trans-Siberian Railway sleepers.
They are tough customers.


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