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We are all about service, service and again service! Our top Canadian gunsmiths are working with us to fix absolutely any issue fast and reliable. There is no time limit when you could use our gunsmiths advice or send it out for repairs. It will not cost you anything unless it has physical damage because of improper use. Just call us and ask, we can also do video call service for ultra fast problem solving. Our goal is to keep absolutely every customer happy

Canfirearm (Military Firearms & Sporting Equipment Outlet) provides the most important brands from the world’s leading manufacturers. Our store specialises in the selling of handguns, sports equipment, pneumatic rifles, bows, crossbows, and knives. In addition, you can find and purchase every kind of accessory in our shop.

You can find and purchase every kind of accessory in our shop. We welcome you to visit our store, either online or our physical location.

About Us

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We now sell nearly every kind of military paraphernalia. As a result, we have outerwear, footwear, caps, T-shirts, duffel bags, laptops, bowlers, and other military accessories.

We have a large selection of crossbows and bows, sights and arrows, targets and shields, quivers and covers for archer-athletes and amateurs.