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Is Glock The New Meta Among Gun Owners In Canada?

glock sales in canada

Glock is one of the largest gun makers in the world. Its pistols are among the most popular and the most used in the gun world by law enforcement, military. They are popular for civilian use as well.

The Glock declared recently that the sales of the G17 Gen5 and its Glock 19 Gen4 rose to a new annual record in Canada. During this year the Canadian affiliates of the much known Austrian gun maker company have brought the prices down. They stated that there will be coming 2 new adapted models for the Canadian gun market.

2020 Canadian Gun Market Bestsellers 

The revenue that Glock received from the Canadian market raised by more than 20% or more than 9 million USD (11.4 million CAD) in 2020 by selling more than 15,000 pistols.  The continuous climbing demand for the Glock models on the Canadian market is due to the fact that the manufacturer itself is producing Glock models adapted to the Canadian Gun Law requirement and market. Another particularity of this year is the rise in the number of women interested in shooting sports in Canada.

The bestsellers of 2020:

  • G17 Gen5 (9mm)
  • G19 Gen4 “Canadian Adaptation” (9mm)
  • G44 (22LR)

New Glock Models for 2021

There are rumours that soon on the Canadian Gun market will be coming 2 much-requested models the Canadian version of the G45 and G16 Gen5 pistol both chambered in 9mm. These 2 models were expected to drop on the market since 2020 but the release was delayed by Covid-19 and the US gun market rising demand that drained all the available stock. The G19 Gen 5 will not be featured with the Traditional laser-engraved maple-leaf as the G19 Gen4 Canadian adaptation. But the previous models will remain with the Maple-leaf symbol on their slide.

There will be models coming with standard slides as well models featuring the Modular Optic System (MOS) available with the possibility to attach red-dot sights. This comes due to the rising trend of the people moving to an Optic-mounted pistol this is a consequence making the MOS models being much requested on the market at the moment.

2020 Troubling Year

Last year has been one of the worst years for the gun market and industries, gun stores reported an increase of orders during March and April as gun owners stocked up due to the Covid-19 concerns rising.

Due to the changes made to the gun law in Canada on May 1, restricting the range of guns that Civilians could buy making it illegal to sell or use a considerable number of many popular rifles and shotguns, this made many buyers go for the remaining guns still in the market. 

The mistake

The new gun law changes in Canada make it illegal to own a gun unless they have a PAL the Possession and Acquisition Licence authorized only by the federal police. As soon as the Government said that certain rifles will be banned this was considered as a “Mistake” by many resellers and gun manufacturers that were active in the Canadian market. With the situation hard to get through as it was the Government changes on the gun law, forced all the people in possession of a PAL that were thinking to buy a pistol to hurry and get one rising the demand of the market. With a new package of restrictions upon gun owners, the government seeks to make it a crime to own some very specific sets of firearms this being a problem to all the categories of buyers from hunters, farmers to recreational shooters, collectors and even competitive pro-shooters.

The buyers rush

With the Government making such changes this affects gun markets and sales a lot. Even considering that Glock’s sales in Canada are just a small share of the revenue of the company which as its primary market has the U.S Canada comes in next. These changes on the gun control laws drive people to go out and rush in to buy the guns they are interested in before they become illegal on the market, considering this will make gun shop sales go up it is not the best for the gun market considering the consequences. 

Market shares

Nearly 300,000 Canadians are in possession of a small firearm being this a revolver or a pistol and they are registered as the law requires. Nearly one in five small firearms that are purchased on Canadian territory is a Glock manufactured pistol. The Glocks pistols being among the most common guns worldwide used for protection, recreation and competition as well. To start it up with the world’s most popular handgun the G19 Gen4 Canadian adaptation, the company started producing some mid-sized models so they can be fitted to the Canadian market doing this by extending the barrel to 106mm the legal minimum required. G48 being the first adaptation featuring a 106 mm barrel as a standard. Also, all the magazines were limited at a 10 round capacity as the law required. 

Price changes

Glock placed its products on the market by calculating their value in USD. To make their products competitive on the Canadian gun market they had to reduce the price by nearly 5% starting from January 1, 2021.

Sample prices:

  • Glock 17 Gen5 – 849$
  • G19 Gen4 Canadian adaptation-861.954$.

Police application 

Considering the fact that nearly 80% to 85% of the Canadian police department is using Glock pistols makes it one of the most common firearms used by law enforcement agencies in Canada. Keeping in mind that Glock pistols are well known to be preferred by law enforcement throughout the entire world giving it the most reliable handgun to enter the market and making it earn the reputation this company and its products have on the gun market. Glock stated that their products were mainly projected to be part of the law enforcement requirements. The main purpose is the reliability and the versatility to adapt to the needs of the law enforcement agencies.